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K-Style provides Mg-PSZ (MS-GRADE and TS-GRADE) and Y-TZP Ceramics Precision Parts, Semi-finished Products:

Balls, Spheres: Ř1mm-Ř80mm,Because of their good resistance to high temperature, corrosion,wear and self-lubrication, the balls can be wildly used in chemical industry machine-manufacturing,aeropspace and steel industry etc. Such as ceramic bearings, pumps and valves and forming tools. Milling and kneading media, etc.

Standards for Geometry and surface

Grade Available Size
Ball Diameter
Deviation from
Spherical Form
Lot Diameter Variation
Surface Roughness
µm Ra
5 1mm-1/2” 0.13 0.13 0.15 0.020
10 1mm-1” 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.025
15 1mm-15/8” 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.025
20 1mm-15/8” 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.040
40 0.5mm-2" 1 1 1 0.080
60 13/4”-3" 1.5 1.5 1.5 0.100

Roller and Sliding-Bearings: Ř3mm-100mm, for “less machine break down” and “high production speed machines”, Such as food and drag and drink and cigar making/parking machine, spinning machine etc. We name them “high-speed roller”. Long life: 4-8 times higher compared with ordinary steel grades.

*High mechanical tensile strength, also at high temperatures.
*High hardness and very wear-resistance.
*Good resistance against alteration temperatures.
*Outstanding chemical-resistance.
*Low specific gravity.

Bushings, Cylinders Seal Rings, Tubes: Ř
3mm-100mm, h0.3mm -300mm, used as high speed sliding-bearings,
axle sleeves, mechanical face seals. Metal forming tools such as dies punches, drawing cones & Capstans, extrusion dies &wire dies, draw ring &rolls, mandrels, guides and casting nozzles (Mg-PSZ). Heat engineer parts, miscellaneous pump parts, plunger pump, plunger nozzle, cylinder gauge etc.

Rods, Columns: Ř2mm-100mm,h0.5mm-300mm used as axles, plungers, pistons, bolts and nuts, no-magnetic ceramic tools and supporters etc.

Tiles, Bars, Plates: thickness0.2mm-100mm, width: (3mm-100mm) x (3mm-300mm). Used as gauge blocks, linings, knives, blade edges, armor ceramics, supporter etc.

The ZrO2 ceramics is relatively easy to be combined with metals because it shows the thermal expansion coefficient close to that of metals.

The excellent chemical, biological and wear stability of ZrO2 is based on high purity, almost 100 per cent theoretical density by the isostatic pressing and high temperature sintering process, excellent biocompatibility, good wetting properties in synovial liquid,

And supreme surface properties, which are assured by the highest, machining accuracy.

K-Style supply ZrO2 femoral heads :Ř26mm, 28mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm,

Ř46mm, Ř48mm and other othopaedic load-bearing articulations,such as the shoulder,finger and knee.

Also provide a series of ZrO2 ceramics dental implants.

We positively push forward the production policy of various many kinds at small quantity any acceptance of an order for even one product.

If you already have a specific idea of your construction in which ceramics are to be applied, please send or fax us your drawing or sketch.we will contact you by return or send you a quotation.

Special Refractries

Alumina Ceramic brick:

High purity &high density corundum brick
High strength corundum brick with spalling resistance
Max. working temperature: 1800

Used for high temperature kilns and furnaces such as gasifier, gas generator, carbon black reaction furnace, etc. In petroleum chemical industry.

Bubble Alumina brick:

Max. Working temperature: 1750
Used as high temperature insulating material for furnaces at unstable temperature.

Other products used as crucibles to smelt refractory metal, thermal couple casting sleeve, ceramic boat, spacers, corundum ball, ceramic agitators.

Zirconia brick:

Max. working temperature: 2200
Used as lining of ultrahigh temperature kilns and furnaces.

Bubble zirconia brick:

Max.working temperature: 1850
Used as insulating materials for ultrahigh temperature kilns and furnaces.

Fine ceramic used as crucibles for smelting refractory metal, heating element, ceramic boat, and spacers.

Zirconia fibers and felts:

The felt, paper and board made from ZrO2 fibers can be used for the membranes of alkaline batteries and extra-high temperature insulation materials with excellent heat insulation. Their max working temperature can be up to 2200. They have been successfully used in the fields of aviation, space flight, metallurgical industry and semiconductor etc.

Properties of ZrO2 fibers:

Chemical Composition: ZrO2+HfO2+Y2O3 >98%
Pattern of Crystal: Tetragonal Crystal Morphology
Density: 0.08 ~0.16g/cm2
Specific Area: 4.1~12.7m2/g
Tensile Strength of Monofilament :245~412Mpa
Alkali Resistance: Loss of Materials (weight) is less than <0.5% in the boiling solution of 40% KOH.

The Properties of ZrO2 Felt:

Density: 0.2~0.28/cm3
Bend Strength : 1.6 MPa
Working Temperature 1700
Thermal Conductivity: 10.16~0.23W/m.k (800-1200 )
Porosity: 96%
Air Permeability: (8.49~10.2) x 10-6 x M3.m/m2.Sec.Pa

Magnesia Ceramic products

Max. Working temperature: 2000
Used as crucibles for smelting refractory noble metals and other ceramic pipe materials.

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