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Quality Control:

Technological processes and controlled manufacturing processes:

1. ZrO2 powder producing and selecting. Select   high purity, homogeneity, reproducibility ZrO2 powder for different requirements in term of either chemical or physical properties.

2. Cold isostatic pressing.CIP is the process
where pressures is applied uniformal rom all directions to the center of a part, thus reducing

or completely removing voids and internal porosity, so the density of ZrO2 can be increased, such extending the component strength of the materials and upgrading their properties. Our pressure goes up to 600Mpa.

3. Green maching. Parts can be molded to near net shapes through such process and cost can be cut.

4. High temperature sintering.Uniformity of heat is controlled accurately, the temperature accuracy guaranteed to 16,Our temperature capabilities go up to 1550 1750.

5. Diamond accurate grinding. Advances in diamond grinding wheels allow cost effective machining of ZrO2 ceramics materials, ultrasonic and laser drilling in addition to grinding and lapping are aid in the manufacture complex parts, so parts can be machined to precise tolerances and surface finishes.

6. Testing. According to ASTM (American Standards of Test Materials) and ISO.

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