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K-Stlye 's capabilities are razor edge technology, CNC slotting, CNC grinding and ball machining for finish machining via 
diamond grinding of many different components
which have complex shapes 
and precision tolerances.
Balls, Spheres:
1mm - 80mm
Roller & Sliding-Bearings: 3mm-100mm, 
for less machine break down and
high production speed machines. Bushings, Cylinders Seal Rings,Tubes:3mm-100mm,
h0.3mm-300mm, used as high-speed sliding-bearings, axle sleeves, mechanical 
face seals.


Metal forming tools such as dies punches, drawing cones & Capstans, extrusion dies & wire dies, draw ring &rolls, mandrels,
guides and casting nozzles (Mg-PSZ). Heat engineer parts, miscellaneous pump parts, plunger pump, plunger nozzle, cylinder gauge etc.

Rods, Columns: 2mm-
100mm, h0.5mm-300mm used as axles, plungers, pistons, bolts and nuts, no-magnetic ceramic tools and supporters etc.

Tiles, Bars, Plates thickness0.2mm-100mm, width: (3mm-100mm) x (3mm-300mm). Used as gauge blocks, linings, knives, blade edges, armor ceramics, supporter etc.

ZrO2 femoral heads : 26mm, 28mm, 32mm. and a series of ZrO2 ceramics dental implants.

All you have to do e-mail or fax us your drawing or sketch, we will contact you by return or send you a quotation. We will send samples for your evaluation.

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